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This web tool is designed to assist with regulatory compliance.

Registration data allows EH&S and PI’s to benefit jointly in many ways, including:

  • PI or designee can go online to review safety training history and requirements for registered personnel. (Note: individual workers can view their own records at Personal Safety Records.
  • Facilitates the reporting of chemical information required by federal, state, and OSU regulations.
  • PI can respond directly to EH&S lab safety assessments and address action items, to ensure timely corrective actions and compliance.

What you will need to access the EHS Assistant:

Access is by ONID ID.  If you are currently using the online chemical inventory database, you already have access to the Web Assistant. First time users, contact EH&S to set up access.
Prior to logging in to review labs, personnel and inventory, have the following information on hand:
  • Name and OSU ID# for all laboratory personnel
  • Room numbers for all lab spaces for which you are responsible.  If you do not find your lab location when you login to your web interface, contact
  • An updated chemical inventory

Delegating tasks to your lab manager/lab supervisor:

  • To assign inventory or assessment review tasks to a lab manager or supervisor, contact EH&S and provide name of the person; EH&S will grant them access to manageweb data.
  • Annual chemical inventory acknowledgement statements cannot be assigned to a manager, but must be entered by the primary responsible party.

What spaces need to be registered?

In addition to research, teaching and computer labs, this can include any space where hazardous materials or hazardous equipment are stored and/or used, including art studios, mechanical rooms, shops, etc.  All spaces of this type are referred to as "labs" and need to be registered with EH&S, even those with no chemicals. 

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