Sitting in the same position for long hours gripping the steering
wheel and being exposed to vibration from the road can
contribute to the wear and tear on your back, but there are things
you can do to reduce your chances of suffering from back pain.

Whether at work or home, sitting for long hours gripping the steering wheel can contribute to back pain, and road vibration can make matters worse.   Having to step up to get into large vehicles and equipment has additional ergonomic consideration. Please check out the information below to find steps you can take to reduce reduce your chances of suffering from driving and other vehicle - related problems.



SAIF Safe Entry and Exit Best Practices for Vehicles


SAIF Safe Vehicle Entry and Exit flyer provides 10 tips for best practices for entering and existing vehicles and equipment safely.  The three-point mount/dismount principle is explained.




Vehicle Ergonomics Best Practice Guide


This Highways Agency 8-page Vehicle Ergonomic Best Practice Guide privides quick tips for improving driving posture, including adusting steering wheel, seat height, cushion tile, back rest, lumbar adjustments and seat alignment recommendations.