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Oregon State University Online Refresher Training

Welcome to OSU's Online Refresher Training for unsealed radioisotope users. Completing this training will fulfill the requirement for radioisotope user refresher training. There is no exam for this

Because this web based course will fulfill OSU's requirement for refresher training for radioisotope users, you are asked to read and agree to the acknowledgement statement at the end of this training, certifying that you understand the topics presented here.

Contact Radiation Safety if you have questions regarding this training, or any other aspect of your program.

NOTE: this training program is designed for current users of unsealed radioisotopes at OSU. If you are not an authorized radioisotope user, you must complete the OSU Radiation Safety Orientation to become an authorized user. Upcoming classes can be found here or by calling Radiation Safety (7-2227). If you are using other sources of ionizing radiation, such as sealed sources or x-ray machines, contact Radiation Safety for training information.