Nomination Form

PURPOSE: The University Health & Safety Committee desires to recognize individuals, departments, or other employee groups who are taking extra steps to promote health and safety, and to reduce accidents, incidents, and injuries to employees, students or visitors.

SYNOPSIS: This Safety Recognition Program provides a medium to recognize faculty, staff and student employees for their positive behaviors and actions. This recognition supports the University mission of improving human health and wellness (through employee safety), along with supporting the Finance and Administration’s commitment of providing an environment that protects, and encourages improvements in, health and wellness in all aspects of the OSU community.

Examples might include individual or team actions, programs, safety achievements, or an approach that places safety at its forefront. This could be in the form of the development of safety programs or best practices related to specific hazards in their area; it could be excellence in lab safety; or a noted dedication to proactively promoting health and safety within a department or college.

The University Health & Safety Committee wants to encourage, motivate, and energize employees to work safely, as well as to publicly recognize the big and small safety behaviors exhibited by others. 

Please nominate either an individual, group, or department who displays exemplary safety or safety promotion for the Oregon State University community.

NOMINATION & AWARD ELIGIBILITY: Any OSU employee, group, or department

ADMINISTRATION: Nominations are open for submissions, with review for awards on an academic term basis during Fall, Winter and Spring term (excluding Summer term, nominations for summer activities can be made during fall.)