Registration of Projects and Programs

Investigators may register individual projects involving rDNA or other biohazards, or may register their research program. A project registration is generally quite defined in scope and may represent the work proposed in a single funded grant. The program registration requires somewhat more detailed information to be submitted than a project registration, but has the advantage of covering all expected work for the duration of the registration period (i.e., multiple sponsored projects). New project initiated with this time frame are “pre-approved” provided that they fall within the scope of the registration submitted to and approved by the IBC. In general, investigators who have multiple projects or areas of research emphasis will benefit from including all these activities on a single registration package. The form used for both projects and programs is the same, but investigators will need to include sufficient details in all registrations to allow the IBC to conduct a thorough risk assessment. 

Standard Operating Procedures: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are required for projects and programs involving RG-2 or higher human pathogens, and also for high consequence animal or plant pathogens. Researchers should describe in detail the procedures they will use during manipulation of the pathogens and include all other information that is relevant to their projects. For projects that require SOPs, the safety procedures in the narrative may be referenced to the SOP to eliminate redundancy.

Where to send forms:  Completed forms should be emailed to [email protected]. Submission of incomplete forms will delay the review process. The BSO provides the initial review of the proposals and will contact the principal investigator if additional information is required. 

Once a project or program has been approved by the IBC, a memorandum of approval will be sent to the principal investigator.

Project Registration Duration: The duration of approval for registrations, both of individual projects and programs, is three years from the date of the memorandum of approval. If there are changes in the project / program goals, facilities, personnel, or methods then an amendment must be filed with the IBC describing the changes to the registration.  Annual updates of registrations are required.


IBC Registration Form

Amendment Form - use to amend existing approved registrations