OSU has standardized labels that are to be used on every container of chemical waste in the university. These labels are formatted for compliance with all Federal and Local Regulatory Agencies. Any chemical waste generator (lab or facilities personnel) who creates a chemical waste container must affix the University's Hazardous Waste Label on the container and ensure additional information requested on the label is complete and accurate.

This labeling tool contains a list of common chemical wastes and waste mixtures generated by laboratory processes. Many of these waste mixtures contain chemical constituents that are incompatible, however, these mixtures are the product of controlled lab processes and reactions.

Do not assume any of the constituent chemicals in these waste mixtures are compatible. Mixing incompatible chemicals can result in heat generation, pressurization, violent polymerization, toxic, flammable gas generation, fire, or explosions.

If you find we have missing data for your waste stream, please contact us at [email protected]