Oregon State University manages an monitors the use of refrigerants in compliance with EPA regulations. In accordance with the Clean Air Act (CAA), our goal is to protect and improve the air quality by properly managing ozone-depleting substances (ODS), such as refrigerants. Below are the regulatory requirements related to the installation, operation, service, and disposal/recycling of appliances containing 50 pounds or more of refrigerant gas.


Refrigeration equipment of 50 lbs. or more of ODS are subject to EPA requirements for leak repair and tracking. The following lists provided outlines the responsibilities of each working group.


  • Maintain records of maintenance, purchases, removals, recycling, and recovery for a minimum of three years
  • Ensure that technicians pass an EPA-approved examination and maintain certification
  • Provide proper PPE to technicians and establish safe work practices
  • Input service records, leak calculation, asset lists, and refrigerant tracking logs into management software


  • Pass an EPA-approved exam and maintain certification
  • Record leaks, services provided, disposal, and reclamation of refrigerants for supervisors to input in management software
  • Follow proper procedures set in place by managers to maintain a safe work environment


  • Interpret the code of federal regulations as they relate to refrigerant management and communicate findings to the refrigerant working group
  • Ensure compliance by internally auditing refrigerant tracking and management
  • Correspond with DEQ and EPA to maintain compliance


  • EPA Section 608
  • Title 40 CFR Part 82: Protection of the Stratospheric Ozone
  • International Fire Code Section 606.7