Laboratory Safety Resources Binder

for Laboratory Supervisors and Principal Investigators (LSs/PIs)

OSU Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) has developed programs and resources to help LSs/PIs meet the above safety and regulatory goals. The Laboratory Safety Resources Binder is designed to assist LSs/PIs in managing their lab safety program. It’s intent is to house all safety documentation and resources for a lab in an easy to recognize binder. It is imperative that all employees are aware of it’s contents and it’s location within the lab.

If a hard copy of the Binder is needed, please email [email protected] to request.

Quick Links to Items in the Lab Safety Resource Binder

Lab Resource Binder Table of Contents
Section 1 - Introduction
Lab Resource Binder Information Page
Section 2 - Information and Postings
Lab-Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan Template (Word)
Job Hazard Assessment Form
Lab Safety Self-Assessment Form
Section 3 - Employee Training Documents
Acknowlegement of Safety Instructions
Employee Training Documentation Form
Section 4 - PPE and Spill/Emergency Response
Eyewash Inspection Form
Chemical Spill Kit Information
Near-Accident/Near-Miss Report
Section 5 - Chemical Storage and Disposal
Safety Data Sheets (Coming Soon)
Chemical Inventory Guidelines
Chemical Storage Guidelines
Chemical Container Labeling Guidelines
Hazardous Waste Disposal
Gas Cylinder Safety
Shipping Hazardous Materials