Safety Beaver Buzz

OSU Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) has a new safety newsletter: Safety Beaver Buzz. We will be distributing these quarterly and hope you find these useful.


Previous Issues:

Advancing Lab Safety

Oregon State University is committed to protecting the health and welfare of students, faculty and staff. It is vitally important that we work together to foster and sustain a culture of laboratory safety in our wide array of teaching and research activities.

Chemical Labeling Stations

According to OSHA and OSU regulations all chemical containers must be labeled for the health and safety of employees, students, visitors, and emergency responders. The purpose of the Chemical Labeling Station is to provide laboratories with the necessary means and tools to properly label all chemicals and hazardous waste. The poster provides:

Impermeable Lab Coats

A vivid demonstration of piranha solution on lab coat materials.

We will be offering a new lab coat that is both flame retardant and is chemical impermeable. They are more expensive, but some users may benefit from this. If you know some specific users, let them know they can acquire a specialized lab coat when working with high volumes of flammables and high hazard chemicals.

Safety Purchase Program

The OSU Safety Purchase Assistance Program provides Departments a funding method to purchase safety related products, which may include specific equipment, specialized safety training resources and protective equipment.

Shipping Hazardous Materials

Individuals packaging and shipping hazardous materials (referred to as Dangerous Goods or DG by carriers) are required by federal law to have special training and certification. Shipping DG by ground requires DOT training that must be repeated every three years and shipping DG by air requires IATA training to be repeated every two years. Severe civil and even criminal penalties may be incurred by individuals who improperly ship DG or who attempt to carry undeclared DG onto an aircraft.