How do I...?

  • Get certified to operate an x-ray machine (radiology, fluoro, CT)
    • File the following two endorsements with Radiation Safety:
      • register your training certification (link below),
      • complete machine-specific training for each x-ray machine you intend to use.  Contact Radiology staff to schedule the machine-specific training.
    • Additional training requirements for fluoroscopy and CT operators 


  • Link for registering with OSU Radiation Safety Use this link to document:
    • Your x-ray operator certification (DVM, CVT, RT...), or
    • you will be assisting with x-ray procedures, e.g. for holding patients, but will not be operating x-ray machines



  • Get radiation dosimeters- contact Radiology for questions regarding dosimeters.  Radiation dosimeters and lead PPE are required for all personnel working with and around operating x-ray machines.



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