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Radiation Safety Requirements for Dental Radiography Procedures in CVM

Training Requirements

  • Authorized users of the handheld dental x-ray machine include licensed veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians.
  • Operators must be familiar and follow the Safety Precautions from the portable dental x-ray user manual (e.g. chapter 2 Aribex Nomad Manual).


Operating Protocol:

  • Follow procedures in “CVM Best Practices to Reduce Radiation Exposure” 
  • Protective lead PPE (gloves, aprons, thyroid shields) must be available
    • Lead PPE is not required for operator if positioned correctly (see manufacturers instructions, e.g. Aribex Nomad).
    • Lead PPE may be recommended for personnel attending the patient, e.g. anesthesiologist exposed to scatter radiation.
    • Lead PPE is required for personnel holding the patient during any procedure.
  • Whole body dosimeters and rings are required.  Dosimeters are issued by Radiation Safety.


The handheld xray machine must be secured in a locked storage area when not in use.

The use of these portable dental x-ray machines at OSU must not exceed 30 continuous days, and a total of not more the 180 days/year.  These machines are on short-term loan to OSU for the duration of a specific course.  Exceeding these limits will require OSU to register the x-ray machine with the state of Oregon.


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