Radiation Dosimeters for CVM Students and Staff

Radiation dosimeters are provided by OSU Radiation Safety.  The dosimeter program in CVM is coordinated by staff in Radiology.  Contact the CVM Radiology dosimeter coordinator for questions on your dosimeters.

1.     The radiation dosimeter body badge and finger rings are required to be worn by personnel operating x-ray equipment, immobilizing or assisting in radiographic procedures in animals, or otherwise in the vicinity of operating x-ray machines.

2.     When a protective apron is worn, the badge will be worn at the collar, outside the apron.

3.     Locums and visiting veterinarians should obtain a badge prior to starting work.

4.     If a dosimetry badge and/or ring is lost, please report this to the CVM dosimeter coordinator.  They will file a report with Radiation Safety (Lost/damaged badge report form).

5.     When not in use, dosimeters must be stored in the designated storage areas (see Radiology Staff for detail).

6.     Note that radiation dosimeters are also placed in areas around several x-ray rooms to characterize exposure in the room, and to uncontrolled areas such as hallways and adjacent rooms.

More information on the OSU dosimetry program.



Sterile Surgical Procedures and Radiation Dosimeters

Use the following procedure for using dosimeter rings post gloving for sterile surgical procedures involving radiation emitting imaging

  1. Always utilize proper personal protection equipment.
  2. Obtain an appropriate amount of Revital-Ox/Resert high level disinfectant and place into a secondary container that also has a lid.
  3. Equipment needed: a clean urine sample container, R60 solution test strip, sterile gloves, a sterile instrument to extract the ring(s) from the disinfectant, and sterile water/saline to rinse the ring(s).
  4. Verify expiration date of the disinfectant.
  5. Disinfectant should be at room temperature.
  6. Check disinfectant with test strip.
  7. Clean ring(s) manually with alcohol to eliminate skin oils and cells.
  8. Place ring(s) in disinfectant and cover with the lid.
  9. Soak for eight minutes.
  10. Open sterile gloves, sterile rinsing solution, sterile instrument, and remove lid from disinfectant.
  11. Aseptically put on one glove.
  12. Using gloved hand and sterile instrument, remove ring(s) from disinfectant and rinse with sterile solution.
  13. Drop the prepared dosimeter ring into the open hands of the gloved and gowned clinician/surgeon; alternatively, rings can be dropped onto sterile table in a designated location.