Effective July 1, 2008, Radiation Safety no longer recharges generators for routine laboratory radioactive waste.

Non-routine waste may still incur charges. See Information Bulletin 09-01 for waste requirements.

Portable Instrument Calibration1
Calibration   $40.00/instrument ($55.oo for non-OSU instruments)
Repair         $45/hr + parts

Issued Dosimeters - no charge
Lost Badges2   $11.00 (XBG Badge)
Lost Rings2       $5.00 / ring

Lost Neutron Badges2  $22.00

Leak Test for Non-OSU Groups 4
Counting and reporting    $10.00/test

(1) The instrument calibration fee is charged by the OSU Radiation Center. Instrument pickup and delivery are available at no charge from Radiation Safety. Instruments must have annual calibration. Radiation Safety has some instruments available as loaners while lab instrument is being calibrated or repaired.

(2) Dosimeters are considered "lost" when not returned within 90 days from the end of the wear period; radiation exposure cannot be accurately determined for badges returned after 90 days from the end of the wear period.

(4) Sealed source leak tests include counting, recording and reporting. There is no charge to OSU groups for leak tests.