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This material has been prepared by OSU Radiation Safety to familiarize researchers with requirements and considerations in the use of soil moisture/density gauges and other portable gauges. In conjunction with the material presented in written form, OSU Radiation Safety personnel are available to answer any questions at:


[email protected]

The training program is in two parts: information on gauge use and storage, and a training section covering the US Department of Transportation requirements for transporting nuclear gauges over public roads.

Upon completion of the training material, a gauge user will take an exam and sign an acknowledgement form.

Completion of the training program and exam are required before a user is allowed to work with or transport a nuclear gauge. Refresher training must be completed at intervals not to exceed 3 years.


Additional Instructions for New Users

In addition to the OSU Nuclear Gauge Training on this page, new gauge users must also complete an initial training for new gauge users.  The new users may may select from 1 of the 3 companies listed below to complete this initial training.  When you visit the comany website, make sure you select the correct course, it must include radiation safety training, and DOT hazmat shipper training for nuclear gauges:    “Initial Gauge Use and Safety”   “Online Nuclear Gauge Safety Class”    “Nuclear Gauge Training plus Hazmat”


New users must file both of these forms with Radiation Safety:


  1. A certificate of completion from one of the courses listed above
  2. Complete the Radiation Safety Orientation Acknowledgement Form and send to Radiation Safety.