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Welcome to OSU's Online Training for Sealed Source Users

NOTE: this training program is designed for users of non-gauge sealed sources (e.g. ECD's and the Oceanography core logger). Training for nuclear soil moisture/density gauges is available on the Radiation Safety training site.

Operators of GC's containing an ECD are not required to take this course, if they operate the GC under the following conditions:

  • A copy of the manufacturer's manual for the GC must be present
  • The operator must receive training from the Lab Contact or Program Director, explaining the hazards from the radioactive source.

Anyone authorized to move, leak test, or perform maintenance on the GC must complete this training.  The Lab Contact and Program Director are required to complete this training.

This training is designed to meet the unique requirements of users of sealed sources of ionizing radiation.

Sealed source users do not work directly with unsealed ionizing radiation, thus greatly reducing the potential for internal exposure. Also, because of the nature of most sealed sources, the potential for external radiation exposure is greatly reduced.

Sealed source users, like other users of ionizing radiation, must receive training that meets the requirements of both the state regulations for radiation workers (OAR 333 divisions 100 to 120) and OSU's ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) standards to minimize their potential exposure. The topics covered in this training will include:

  • Introduction to ionizing radiation (types, sources, properties)
  • Effects of exposure to ionizing radiation
  • Monitoring, survey, security and posting requirements

To complete the training, use the navigation links at the top or bottom of each slide. Quick-links to each training slide are also provided on the left sidebar. There is a short exam and Orientation Acknowledgement form at the end. These need to be completed and faxed or mailed to Radiation Safety.