Requirements for x-ray machine users at OSU are summarized below.  These requirements are compiled from the relevant regulations found in Section VII of the OSU Radiation Safety Manual, and the following Oregon Administrative Rules 333:

  • Division 108 - Analytical X-ray equipment (x-ray diffraction machines)
  • Division 122 - Industrial X-ray machines (cabinet x-ray machines)
  • Division 106 - X-rays in the healing arts (vet med, bone densitometer, medical screening)

Other requirements specific to your program can be found in the Conditions section of your Radiation Use Authorization (posted in the lab with the machine).

Radiation Use Authorization

A Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) issued by the OSU Radiation Safety Committee is required for possession and/or use of any x-ray machine. RUA application instructions (pdf format) can be found here (click here for an MS-Word version).

Machine Registration

Each radiation machine shall be registered with the State Health Division before being put into use. Registration will be arranged by Radiation Safety. The Program Director will be responsible for the registration fee charged by the State.

Each machine must be listed on the Program Director's Radiation Use Authorization.

Purchase and Disposal of X-ray Machines

Radiation Safety must be notified before purchase of an x-ray machine.

Due to the potential hazards, liability and registration requirements, X-ray machines may not be sold at open auction through Surplus Property.  Machines may only be sold or transferred to recipients eligible to register the machine.  Contact Radiation Safety (541-737-2227) for specific instructions.

Training Requirements for Analytical and Cabinet X-Ray Machines

Training requirements on our training page for analytical and cabinet x-ray machines.

Licensing and Dosimetry Requirements for Human Use X-Ray Machine Operators

Licensing requirements for X-ray radiography (does not include fluoroscope and CT)
All individuals who intend to use an X-ray machine for human use diagnostic or research purposes must possess a current license as a Radiologic Technologist or a Limited Permit from the State of Oregon Board of Radiologic Technology or be a student in the Limited Permit instructional program in the Bone Research Laboratory. Copy of the RT license or Limited Permit must be submitted to Radiation Safety.

Additional Requirements for X-ray fluoroscopy
A medical practitioner may do fluoroscope work if they are credentialed. A copy of the fluoroscope credentials must be on file with Radiation Safety. Contact the Program Director (Radiologist) or Radiation Safety for fluoroscope credentialing. There are limited options for fluoro credentialing in the State of Oregon. Currently the only option available at OSU is to purchase the credentialing program through R.M. Partnership.

Dosimetry requirements for Human Use
Body dosimeters (badges) are required for all human use x-ray machine operators.  The body badge is required to be worn outside any protective clothing.