Individuals packaging and shipping hazardous materials (referred to as Dangerous Goods or DG by carriers) are required by federal law to have special training and certification. Shipping DG by ground requires DOT training that must be repeated every three years and shipping DG by air requires IATA training to be repeated every two years. Severe civil and even criminal penalties may be incurred by individuals who improperly ship DG or who attempt to carry undeclared DG onto an aircraft.

There is also the potential to cause personal injury and property damage with improperly shipped material. Printing & Mailing provides all DG shipping services for OSU and EH&S provides technical and chemical expertise to Printing & Mailing as necessary. Only trained personnel from EH&S and Printing & Mailing are authorized to package and ship chemically hazardous materials from OSU’s main campus. Never ship a material you suspect is hazardous without going through these departments. Off campus operations who are unable to ship from the main campus must use a freight forwarder (this includes FedEx/UPS if they will accept the shipment) with the appropriate certifications. When in doubt contact EH&S. Note: The Radiation Center and Veterinary Medicine departments have the ability to package and ship radioactive and biologically hazardous substances directly.

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Environmental Health & Safety Contacts (Technical and Chemical Information)

 Material to be shipped: Primary Contact: Secondary Contact:
Bio-Hazardous Materials

Pete Schoonover


Matt Philpott



Pete Schoonover


Machelle Bamberger


Radioactive Materials

David Horn


Dan Harlan


Printing and Mailing Contacts (Packaging, Costs, and Restrictions)

Material To Be Shipped: Primary Contact:
General Dangerous Goods Shipping

Corry Clarke


Freight (Pallet Sized) Dangerous Goods Shipping

Fred Veitenheimer



 If Shipping From Off-Campus

Contact EH&S for a consultation and then take the material to a professional shipping company or freight forwarder such as FedEx or UPS