Laboratory Safety Resources Binder

for Laboratory Supervisors and Principal Investigators (LSs/PIs)


The LS/PI has primary responsibility for safety in the laboratories under their control. The LS/PI is responsible for ensuring, with documentation, that all employees working in their laboratory(ies) have the materials and training needed to work safely and in compliance with regulations and Oregon State University (OSU) policy. (Note: “Employee” is defined as an individual paid by Oregon State University or a LS/PI who is employed in a laboratory workplace. This may include faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and student workers.)

OSU Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) has developed programs and resources to help LSs/PIs meet the above safety and regulatory goals.  The Laboratory Safety Resource Binder is designed to assist LSs/PIs in managing their lab safety program.

Quick Links to Items in the Lab Safety Resource Binder

Lab Resource Binder Table of Contents
Section 1 - Introduction
Lab Resource Binder Information Page
OSU EH&S Brochure
EH&S website screenshot
Section 2 - Information and Postings
Lab-Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan Template (word docx)
Lab Hazard Sign Info and Link to Request Form
OSU Emergency Poster (8.5x11)
Lab Safety Quick Reference (flip chart)
Job Hazard Assessment Form
Lab Safety Assessment Form
Overnight/Unattended Lab Reaction/Process Form
Section 3 - Employee Training Documents
EH&S Training Page
  • Lab Safety Training videos
  • Hazardous Waste Training
  • Hazard Communication and SDS (formerly MSDS)
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
Safety Instructions
Respiratory Protection Program
Radiation Safety
Biological Safety
Section 4 - PPE and Spill/Emergency Response
Chemical Spill Kit Information
Near-Accident/Near-Miss Report
Eyewash Inspection Form
Section 5 - Chemical Storage and Disposal
Safety Data Sheets (SDS/MSDS)
Chemical Inventory
Chemical Inventory Guidelines
Chemical Storage Guidelines
Chemical Container Labeling Guidelines
Chemical Container Labeling Systems (HMIS and NFPA)
Hazardous Waste Labels

Gas Cylinder Storage

Gas Cylinder Safety Fact Sheet (OR OSHA)

Hazardous Waste Disposal Guide
Shipping Hazardous Materials
Shipping Biological Samples
Shipping Preserved Specimens