The purpose of the Safety Purchase Assistance Program (SPAP) is to provide reimbursement funds for safety related purchases. The SPAP is funded by use of wage reimbursement funds generated through the Employer-at-Injury Program (EAIP) at Oregon State University. EAIP is administered by SAIF Corporation which provides financial incentives for employers to bring workers with restrictions due to work-related injuries or illnesses back to work in a temporary modified job or transitional work capacity.      

Departments may request SPAP funding for purchases of items which are intended to minimize common work injuries and illnesses.

The SPAP program is intended to assist with purchases of equipment which are not already mandated by governing laws (i.e. Personal Protective Equipment, reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.) - or - University rules and/or programs intended to comply with regulations (safety shoe program, safety eyewear program, etc.). Requests can include purchases of equipment items intended to reduce injuries such as those due to heavy lifting, repetitive motion, or other specific work injury hazards, or for training resources that could be widely utilized within a department or the whole University (such as training videos on specific hazards), or other safety related items aimed at a reduction of work-related injuries, illnesses and workers’ compensation claims.

Departments may request funding for up to 75% of their approved safety related purchase (departments are required to fund a minimum of 25% of any purchase request), not to exceed a total reimbursement of $5,000. The maximum reimbursement of any one request is $5,000. Multiple requests intended to be combined to address a single project are not allowed.

SPAP Review Process

Safety Purchase Assistance Program requests will be reviewed in coordination with Insurance and Risk Management Services and Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S). A designated representative from EH&S may follow up with any requestor to determine if the proposed item is the optimum means for reducing potential work-related injury/illness. It is recommended that you first receive approval prior to making any purchases. Once you receive approval, reimbursement will be made based on proof of purchase (payment invoice).

Requests will generally be assessed using the following criteria:

  1. Does the request prevent, or reduce the severity of, an occupational (work-related) injury or illness?  If not, the request would be ‘Ineligible’. 
  2. Is there an existing regulation, policy, program, or other mechanism that already addresses the request?  If so, the request would be ‘Ineligible’.
  3. Does the request have the capacity to serve the larger OSU community?  Potentially, in situations where multiple qualifying requests are vying for limited resources, requests that have the capacity to benefit a larger group of stakeholders may be given a weighted preference.

Some examples of purchases that have been approved through SPAP include: automated hand pruners, a ladder platform hoist, and a woodworking safety DVD set.  Some examples of requests, and the reason why they were not eligible expenses, include: adjustable desks or chairs (handled through ADA process), safety eyewear (PPE required by OSHA), or storage for hazardous chemicals or eyewash stations (required by code).  This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but provides a few examples of the types of purchases that may be eligible for the Safety Purchase Assistance Program.

Please submit applications via the on-line form below:
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Please contact the OSU Occupational Safety Officer with any questions.