Environmental Health and Safety assists departments in maintaining a safe and healthy university environment for staff, faculty, students, and visitors.

We provide training, consultation, and various safety and health services.  We help ensure Oregon State University abides by the regulatory requirements established at the local, state and federal level.

Environmental Health & Safety
100 Oak Creek Building
3015 SW Western Blvd
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-7405

EHS Main Office: 541-737-2273
EHS Non-Emergency Hotline: 541-713-SAFE (541-713-7233)
Fax: (541) 737-9090

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For emergency safety concerns, call 911 or Public Safety at 541-737-7000
Public Safety Business line (24/7): 541-737-3010


Environmental Health & Safety Personnel

Tom Doyle; Director of EH&S, 541-737-8257

Dan Kermoyan; Assistant Director of EH&S: Occupational Safety; Agricultural Safety: 541-737-2505

Matt Ashland; EH&S Professional: Fire Safety Technician: 541-737-9432

Machelle Bamberger; Hazardous Waste Safety Officer: 541-737-1288

Amy Carter; EH&S Professional: Laboratory Safety Program: 541-737-1378

Daniel Harlan; Radiation Safety Officer, Laser Safety Officer: RAM Shipping & Receiving, Xray Machine Inspection, Program Audits: 541-737-7082

David Horn; Radiation Protection Technologist: Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, Radioactive Waste Program, Instrument Calibration, X-Ray Compliance, Lab Assessments & Surveys: 541-737-4060

Terese Keller; Radiation Safety Program Administrator: Dosimetry: 541-737-7688

Kent Lanning; EH&S Professional: Laboratory Safety: 541-737-8359

Pete Lepre; EH&S Professional: Hazardous Waste Program: 541-737-1087

Brian Lilley; EH&S Professional: Fire Safety Inspector: 541-737-1287

Kay Miller; Safety Training Coordinator: 541-737-7083

Jim Patton; Fire Safety Officer: 541-737-3066

Jenette Paul; Laboratory Safety Officer: 541-737-4720

Matt Philpott; Biological Safety Officer: 541-737-4557

Pete Schoonover; EH&S Professional: Hazardous Materials Disposal Services, DEA Materials, Biological Safety: 541-737-3127

Marcus Silkman; EH&S Professional: Shop Safety Program, Ergonomics: 541-737-2527

Stewart Simmons; EH&S Professional: Environmental Protection: 541-737-4050

Richard Van Driesche, EH&S Professional: Laboratory Safety: 541-737-0649


List of OSU Safety Committees