Our education and training program is a valuable tool in developing awareness of safety, health responsibilities and accident prevention. Each worker must be trained to safely perform their tasks, prior to performing them. Supervisors should determine which safety training is required for their workers, and ensure that their employees receive the training they need.

Laboratory Safety Training Guide

Use our Laboratory Safety Training Guide to better understand the safety training requirements at Oregon State University. By categorizing courses based on an employee’s job responsibilities, exposures, and work environments, this guide will allow users to establish what training(s) are essential for their line of work.


Training Needs Tool

The Training Needs Tool (TNT) can help OSU supervisors and employees self-identify job roles and corresponding safety training(s). By using our checklist and selecting each job role/activity that is applicable to their work, employees will be given a tailored list of safety training requirements.


Training Materials

A comprehensive list of the various safety training courses Environmental Health & Safety has to offer.


Training Records

Viewing your personal safety training history:

If you have a worker record in the EH&S database and your ONID ID is on file, you will be able to view any safety training that we have recorded for you in the Personal Safety Records Interface. If you are unable to log in there, please send your name, OSU ID and ONID ID to EH&S. This interface is for personal record review only, and is not designed for supervisor review of worker records.

For PIs and Supervisors to view their employee's training history:

If you have a lab or shop registration with EH&S, you will be able to view the safety training records for your workers by logging into the EH&S PI Web Interface. Access is via ONID ID. The information will include both required and completed training. If you are unable to access the PI Web Interface, or if you have questions about the requirements on record, please contact EH&S.