EH&S maintains a database for specific safety training records. Not all required safety training records will be maintained by EH&S. Some task specific or location specific training must be completed and records maintained by the department or supervising unit.

Viewing your personal safety training history:

View My Training Records

If you have any training records in the EH&S database, you will be able to view any safety training that we have recorded for you in the Personal Safety Records Interface. This interface is for personal record review only, and is not designed for supervisor review of worker records.

For Principal Investigators (PIs) and Shop Supervisors:

If you have a lab or shop registration with EH&S, you will be able to view the safety training records for your workers by logging into the EH&S PI Web Interface. Access is via ONID ID. The information will include both required and completed training. If you are unable to access the PI Web Interface, or if you have questions about the requirements on record, please contact EH&S.

Lab Specific Training:

PIs and Supervisors can use the Acknowledgement of Safety Instructions and Safety Training form to document shop-specific safety training, keep track of lab specific trainings, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and Safety Instructions. Once completed, it is recommended the PI/Supervisor place the form in the departmental personnel file or in their EH&S binder for the remainder of their employment.