Accident Forms
Accident Investigation Report
Workers Compensation Resources (link to Office of Human Resources)
Near-Miss Report

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Forms
AED Request Form
AED Incident Report
AED Inspection log

Animal Hander
Animal handler forms (link to Occupational Health Services forms)
Rabies Vaccination Declination
Chemical Agent Use in Animals
Animal Rooms Posting Form

Project Registration forms for Biohazard / Recombinant DNA Research
Sharps Injury Log

Chemical Carcinogens Application/Registration: DOC - DOCX
Fumehood Cleanup and Inspection/Clearance (pdf)
Hazardous Waste Label - single label (pdf)
Hazardous Waste Label - full sheet (pdf)
Hazardous Waste Pickup Request (online)
Laboratory Cleanup and Inspection/Clearance
Lab Hazard Sign Request
Medical Exam Evaluation - Carcinogens
Unattended/Overnight reaction (pdf)
Chemical Abbreviations (pdf)
Container labels:

Construction, Project, and Maintenance
Construction Project Packet
Confined Space Permit
Equipment Clearance Labels
Lab Cleanup and Inspection
Self-Inspection Form - General
Shop Safety Assessment Form

Fume Hoods
Notice of Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form

Personal Protective Equipment
Audiometry Questionnaire and Directions
Filtering Facepiece Respirator Approval
Respirator Questionnaire
Safety Shoe Request
Safety Glasses Prescription Program

Application for Radiation Use Authorization-pdf (new or amendment) DOC
Declaration of Pregnancy (pdf)
OR Radiation Protection Services – Notice to Employees (pdf)
OSU self-audit program for lasers (pdf)
OSU laser system data sheet (pdf)
Provisional Use Agreement - unsealed radioisotopes(pdf)
Radioactive Material Receipt Form sample (pdf)
Self-Audit Form – Radiation Lab (pdf)
Training of Non-Radiation workers (pdf)
Waste Pickup Request (online form)

Safety Training record for an individual     (example)
Safety Training record for a course


Tailgate Meeting Safety Form
Job Hazard Analysis
Food & Drink Clean Area Notice
Volunteer Service