SciShield is an enterprise software solution that helps OSU maintain a healthy and safe environment for people within the research community. SciShield provides researchers with easy access to a lab’s safety information, reduces the administrative burden on faculty members and research staff, and allows EHS staff to more efficiently manage safety information.

Oregon State University is currently transitioning the following tasks from EHSA to SciShield:

  • Inspection and Self-Inspection Reports
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Data Sheet Search
  • Chemical Inventory Management
    • **NOTE** - SciShield has had a recent name change. They used to be referred to as BioRAFT

As part of our commitment to continually improve our culture of safety, OSU has selected SciShield to support this effort. We aim to reduce the administrative burden on our researchers in order to minimize disruptions to  to valuable research. SciShield is used at top-20 academic and pharmaceutical institutions, provides premier customer support, and aims to save EHS staff and researchers' time. We expect that SciShield will help with the joint commitment to environmental health and safety by centralizing and streamlining the processes involved in safety education, compliance, and nurturing a culture of safety.

To log into SciShield, please go to and click on the link to enter your OSU login and password. Upon logging into SciShield, you will be prompted to complete a General Lab Setup in order to update your Lab’s information. Principal Investigators may also delegate this task to a trusted member of their laboratory by selecting this option on page 1 of the Setup Wizard.

As applicable, your spaces (laboratory locations) or chemical inventories will be pre-populated in the system. Please review this information and contact EHS if you would like any changes to be made.

Additionally, please expect to receive messages from SciShield prompting you to come in and review and manage inspection reports or complete training requirements. If you have any questions about how to log into SciShield or use the system, please contact EHS at [email protected] or SciShield support at [email protected].